A Day in the Life of God of Justice: A Story of the New York Court of Appeals

When I went to court to file a lawsuit to overturn the law requiring me to wear a face mask, my attorney was so excited I almost burst out laughing.

Justice League Darkseid is one of the most popular DC Comics characters, and I was happy to get a chance to write a comic about him.

In my experience, it’s not uncommon for DC to change the names of characters to make the name less offensive.

I’d never seen a Justice League character in person before, and it’s always a bit of a shock when you read that they’re wearing masks.

But I was thrilled to have a chance.

I could be the first person to sue DC over its decision to change his name.

I was ready for the court to decide that my mask was not the appropriate way to wear my identity.

Justice Leagues darkseids face is covered in a dark gray mask, with the words JUSTICE LEAGUE written on it.

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