A group of fans were arrested at a Justice League event in Hollywood, California

The Justice League, which will take the stage on Tuesday at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, has been under heavy scrutiny since its unveiling in August.

The team’s cast members were all arrested at the premiere and many of them were found to have illegal drugs, but the arrest of the cast members was only a minor part of the controversy. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, the cast was arrested for trespassing and other misdemeanor offenses while trying to enter the Warner Bros. lot to attend a screening of the new film, “Justice League: Gods and Monsters.”

The Times also reports that a handful of members of the group were arrested for “disorderly conduct” and “other criminal offenses.” 

While the arrests were made at the film’s premiere, they have also been the subject of a large-scale investigation into the team’s members.

The Los Angeles Police Department, the Justice Department and several of the team members have all been involved in the investigation.

In recent months, the team has faced numerous accusations of violence and harassment, including several instances of members being beaten.

The Times reports that some members of a group called the Justice League are still being held in custody. 

On Monday, the New York Times published an article detailing the arrests and alleged brutality of some of the members of “the Justice League,” as well as the alleged bullying and threats made by members of other members of their team. 

One of the alleged incidents occurred at the Warner Brothers booth at Comic-con in July.

While in attendance, the Times reports, a group of about 10 people began to sing and dance around the screen in a way that appeared to encourage a crowd to chant in their honor.

According to the Times, a member of the Justice Team approached a female fan who was singing the song, asking her to step away from the screen.

The member allegedly told her that she was “too hot for her” and asked if she wanted to leave.

The woman complied, but was told that she would be arrested. 

Another alleged incident took place at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

According the Times , a woman who was dressed in a white dress and carrying a sign that read “Dress like a girl” was approached by a man who then “choked her and began to scream obscenities at her.” 

The woman was allegedly pushed into a corner and told to “stay where you are” while “two male members of Justice League started beating her,” according to the report.

The women’s attorney, Peter Fiden, told the Times that the woman “felt violated and humiliated” and was unable to “move out of the way” because of the abuse. 

While all of these allegations have been brought against members of Team JL, none of them have been proven true, nor are they part of a larger conspiracy to harass the cast. 

It is unclear how many members of each team are in custody, but many of the allegations of sexual harassment have already been reported to law enforcement. 

The Justice League has been one of the most anticipated new releases of the summer, and many fans have been excited to see the team take the world stage. 

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch a film, but I’ll definitely be there cheering for the JL,” one Twitter user commented about the event.