DC comics and Justice Society of America

Justice Society #9 will launch in April with a new story arc starring the new JSA villain, the Spectre, according to writer Kevin Nowlan.

The new issue will feature the Spectre as a member of the team, and the team’s first appearance in more than a decade will be as the primary antagonist.

Nowlan says the Spectre is part of a group of heroes that “are searching for the truth” in the wake of the events of The Dark Knight Rises.

The Spectre is voiced by actor Sean Astin.

The issue also sees the return of Wonder Woman and Aquaman, who will team up against the Spectre and the Dark Knight.

The team’s biggest battle will come in issue #9, which features the Spectre battling Batman and Superman in the same issue.

In the comics, the team was originally created by Geoff Johns, who died in 2000 at the age of 49.

The death of Johns left the title of the Justice League in limbo for several years, and with his passing, many wondered if the Justice Society would ever return.

Nowlan said that Johns’ legacy lives on in his character’s backstory, and he has always intended the new Justice Society to be a “living legacy” of the Johns era.

In addition to the Spectre’s appearance in the new issue, the Justice team is now fighting another villain, The Spectre’s son, the Silver Surfer.

The Silver Surger is voiced in the Justice #9 issue by Kevin Smith.

Justice Society #10 will be released on April 4, with the first issue featuring Batman fighting The Spectre, and The Spectre fighting Batman and Aqualad.

Smith said that the Spectre will be an enemy for both the team and the reader, and it will serve as a “mini-series” exploring the relationship between Batman and his former foe.