How David Simon’s HBO show became a ‘serial killer show’

“I’m not saying this as a joke,” Simon told The Hollywood Reporter, adding that he “never thought this would be a hit, and it has been.

It has been a show of tremendous impact.”

He continued, “I would say, in my own opinion, that this is the greatest thing to happen to TV, and I would say it’s the greatest television show ever.”

The series, which premieres in April, follows David Simon and his two sons as they travel around the world on their quest to find their missing father.

Simon, who is also a writer and producer on the show, said he had wanted to do a series for “five or 10 years.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it, and we have a lot of people watching it that haven’t watched it before,” Simon said.

“We’ve gotten a lot out of it.

People are getting a lot more out of this.”

The show has generated more than $150 million in revenue for Simon and the company.

The HBO series was launched in 2003 as a one-hour miniseries, and has become one of the most watched shows on HBO.

It was renewed for two seasons and will continue to air through the end of the year.