How do you win a game of football?

It’s a question you’ve asked yourself in the days following the news that the Kangaroos were to face the All Blacks in a Rugby League Grand Final, and the answer is simple: win by a goal.

The All Blacks’ game is a little more complicated.

The Kangaroas will have a new coach and a whole lot of new players in the mix, but for the moment the Kangas are the reigning champions, and if they don’t win the series the new head coach and the entire squad will be out of the finals picture.

A win would mean the Kangaros are in the final, but it’s the game itself that would truly make a difference.

The Kangarooms have had plenty of success at home over the past two years, winning the 2014, 2016 and 2017 Rugby League World Cups.

That was followed by the 2016 World Cup win, which helped secure their place in the 2019 Rugby League International Series (RLLIS).

But this year’s World Cup is their first, and for some it will be the most important.

After all, there are only two teams in the tournament with the best records at home, the New Zealand All Blacks and the Wallabies, with each having won eight games and the final being a chance for Australia to secure the final berth.

“We know we have a great chance of winning the World Cup, but this is our first time in Australia,” said New Zealand coach Michael Cheika, who has won six of the past seven series games.

“There are two teams that are at the top of the table and we know that if we win we have to win a lot of games at home.”

So what we’re going to do is we’ve got to play at home on Friday and Saturday and then we’ve just got to go through a tough two weeks to get the final and we’ll have a fantastic game at the end.””

The All Black players know we can’t win a Grand Final on Saturday.

It’s going to be a tough game and the players will have to play very well, they know they have a lot to do.

“For New Zealand, it’s a different story.

The All Blacks have won the last two games, and it’s clear that Cheika is not in the mood for a repeat of last year’s performance, where he won five games and took a record total of six points in the series, which Australia won by a single point.”

It’s not a great result but it means that we’re still a lot better than we were last year, so that’s something that we’ll focus on,” Cheika said.”

You can’t do it against the Wallaby team, but the All Black guys know that.

It was a really tough game, but we’ve come out of it.

“The Kangaroes will have all of the attributes to do just that, as well as some players that have already played for New Zealand in the World Cups, such as centre Dan Carter, who was the captain of the Wallas’ successful side at the tournament last year.”

We’re going there to be the best team we can be.””

That’s what the team’s focus is at the moment.

We’re going there to be the best team we can be.”

The first game is against the All Whites on Friday, with the second against the Crusaders on Saturday afternoon.