How the New Zatanna TV Show Can Change the TV Show Industry

Zatana’s “Zatanna: Young Justice” is the latest hit from the animated comedy series.

Now available on Netflix, the show follows a group of teenage superheroes that battle the forces of darkness.

Zatanas origin story is rooted in his mother and father, who were imprisoned by the government.

Zati is the only female superhero on the team, and she has a secret identity.

The show’s star, Robin Lord Taylor, is an avid comic book fan, so it was fitting that the character was given a spinoff show.

The new show, which is set to premiere on August 14, follows Zatanka and his team of young heroes.

Zats adventures start out as an ordinary teenage superhero with a simple mission.

To save his mother, Zataka sets out to save his father from the government, who is the leader of a secret organization.

However, Zats mission is not the first of his kind, as he will soon face a new threat when he and his friends are trapped inside the Zatantans super-villain, Dr. Black.

This time, the group is on the run from the villainous Dr. Doom, who has also been imprisoned by Zatants father.

“Zata” is also a superheroine, with her powers of flight, enhanced strength and agility, and the ability to change her appearance at will.

The series stars Zatara Young Justice, Lana-Leigh Wray, Jami Gertz, Adam Pally, Ashley Williams, and others.

It’s currently streaming on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.