How to keep your game on the field when the game gets loud

When the noise gets loud in a stadium and the crowd goes wild, you have a problem. 

That’s the situation that the Hall of Justice is trying to solve with the latest in technology to help keep games on the fields and off the field a little bit quieter.

“We are working on a prototype of a ‘noise reduction device,’ which is designed to be attached to the outside of a stadium,” Hall of Fame coach and Hall of Famer Don Shula said during a press conference Wednesday.

“It will allow us to create a silent zone inside the stadium that is designed for fans to enjoy the game and not have to go to the stands to watch it.”

While the device itself is not a part of the game, the technology that is currently being developed will be able to control the sound system to help make sure the game isn’t going to get loud enough for the crowd to hear.

It’s a technology that has been used by stadiums in the past, but Shula and the Hall are hoping it can be used in the future to create more quiet games for fans.

“When we first created the ‘noisemakers’ in 2008, the fans were not really excited about it,” Hall said.

“So we worked with the teams that were using the technology and worked with them on how to do something different.”

The technology uses an external speaker to deliver sound to the crowd, which is then converted into electricity and stored inside the sound proof enclosure.

Once the technology is perfected, it will be installed at any level of the stadium, including the top level.

“I think it’s going to be a tremendous technology that could help keep fans entertained for a longer time,” Shula added.