How to watch the Court of Appeal’s decision to block Battersea power station

A judge has ruled that the UK’s biggest power station is a threat to the environment, the environment’s environment and the environment itself.

The court’s ruling on Wednesday is one of a number of decisions on power station safety in recent years.

In September, the UK Environment Agency (UKEA) said the power station was “likely to cause significant and irreparable damage” to the countryside and coastal areas of the country.

The judge in the case, Mr Justice Stephen Breyer, said the UK was a “responsible global energy consumer” and that the power plant’s “significant and irreplaceable” impacts to the country’s environment were “irreparable”.

“The Court of Appeals’ ruling to block the plant’s development and development activities will have a significant and irreversible impact on the UK environment,” Mr Justice Breyer wrote.

“The court has a responsibility to take into account the risks to the local environment, particularly the risks of the power stations activities on the landscape, the impacts of the plant on wildlife, and the environmental impact of its activities.”

In August, the European Court of Justice also ordered the UK to pay compensation to the UK for damages caused by the pollution of its seas, waterways and wildlife by the plant.

The UK Government said it would appeal the decision.

The Government’s Environment Secretary, Matt Hancock, said: “This is yet another landmark decision from the Court.

The power station’s dangerous and destructive environmental legacy needs to be fully addressed.”

The court also heard the UK had failed to take steps to protect the environment as it had in previous cases, including the Batterse Power Station in West Sussex.

The Court of Common Pleas said the pollution was “serious and irreversible” and the pollution caused a “disproportionate and unreasonable environmental harm”.

Mr Justice Justice Breyers said that in a long history of British government failure to take urgent steps to ensure the health and safety of its environment, “the Court’s decision on the Bowery Power Station is a significant vindication of the UK Government’s environmental responsibility”.

The court said: In the first instance, the Court finds that the Bowers [Power] station is likely to cause substantial and irrecoverable environmental damage to the landscape and the wildlife and to the coastal environment.

“Further, the environmental effects are likely to be irreparable.”

In its ruling, the court said the plant was “at the same time likely to affect wildlife” and “will likely affect the marine environment and coastal environment”.

“It is also likely to impact on public health, the potential for an increase in disease transmission, the effects on human health of a high level of industrial pollution, and on human well-being.”