‘It was just a matter of time’: Justice closing in California after protests

The case of a transgender woman who was brutally murdered at a Sacramento hotel is about justice closing in the United States after months of protests over the death of Sandra Bland.

The woman, 23-year-old Laquan McDonald, was killed in March after police said he tried to reach his girlfriend’s car, which they thought was parked on the sidewalk.

The woman’s death was one of the most recent deaths of a black man in the country.

More than a dozen protesters have been arrested, many of them over the weekend.

Justice closing?

Lawyers and activists have been using the case as a model for other states in their efforts to close cases that are deemed too racially biased.

“If the police officers didn’t do their jobs, if the prosecutors didn’t get to the truth, if we didn’t have enough witnesses, the people of this country would not be listening to our calls for justice,” said James Byrd Jr., a prominent civil rights lawyer in the District of Columbia.

Police and prosecutors are still investigating the killing.

McDonald’s family said they want to know why McDonald was killed.

Biden said in a statement that the case has opened a national conversation on race, justice and police.

“As we look forward to addressing the many issues that are facing this country, I will continue to be focused on what we can do to help ensure that our nation remains free, secure and prosperous,” he said.

Protests in other parts of the country have also continued.

At least 50,000 people have been protesting in Washington, D.C., since July, and a federal judge ordered the city to release video of the killing that is expected to take more than a month.

It has been more than two months since police in Chicago, the largest city in the U.S., fired on a crowd of protesters.

The Justice Department is reviewing the case, but Chicago officials have said that officers did nothing wrong.

In the state of Arizona, a transgender man was fatally shot in the chest in April.

Protesters have gathered in Sacramento for more than three months and have been staging protests over Bland’s death and other cases.

A video surfaced last week of a woman being shot and killed by police in California.

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