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The US Supreme Courts justice Anthony Kennedy is one of the most important and popular figures in US politics.

He is one who has served on the court for decades and was considered a strong advocate of the rights of all Americans.

But it is not the first time he has faced criticism over the issue of race in the US.

The most recent criticism comes from the US NAACP.

The Justice Anthony J Kennedy is not a racist justice.

He has fought tirelessly for racial justice and equality in America.

He supports voting rights for African Americans, and has been a staunch defender of the Voting Rights Act.

But when he took up his judicial seat in 2003, he was accused of being an ‘oppressive racist’ and a ‘racial supremacist’.

He was also a key figure in the ‘Great Recession of the late 1990s’ which caused the Great Recession and the loss of jobs for millions of Americans.

Kennedy, who has been on the US Supreme court since 1987, is now being accused of a lack of impartiality by the US Justice Department, in a report published in 2017.

The DOJ report says Kennedy’s ‘attitude toward racial justice is in question’ because of his ‘attempts to push back against the racist rhetoric of his colleagues’.

It continues: ‘In some instances, Kennedy’s actions have led to the loss or marginalization of black and other minority employees who might otherwise work on racial justice issues, or have suffered discrimination on the job.’

The report cites a 2004 incident in which Kennedy was criticised by NAACP Legal Defense Fund executive director Jody Jackson in a court hearing over the Voting Section’s decision not to re-open a voting rights case.

The NAACP lawsuit had been heard in a separate civil rights case, and Kennedy was asked to decide whether the DOJ could block the re-opening of the case.

When Jackson brought up the fact that the NAACP had lost its case, Kennedy allegedly responded: ‘The question is whether this case will be reopened, not whether it will be closed.”

The President’s Justice Department has failed to adequately represent the interests of the American people in this case,’ Jackson added.

A spokesperson for the US Department of Justice told Business Insider that ‘Kennedy has always been an ally of the NAACP, and is committed to working collaboratively with them to ensure that justice is done.”

We have no comment at this time.”

This is not about race’The DOJ’s report goes on to say that in 2003 Kennedy “reiterated his support for racial equality and the civil rights movement.”‘

His record of service demonstrates that he believes that racial equality is attainable and that all Americans have a right to vote,’ the report says.

Kennys’ critics have said that he has consistently pushed back against racism in America, including in his comments on race in general and racism in particular.’

He’s a racist.

He’s a bigot.

He loves race wars,’ former NAACP president Cornell William Brooks said in a tweet.’

This whole thing about him being a racist, I just don’t understand it.”

He wants to be a white supremacist.”

That’s not who Anthony Kennedy was.”

Kennedy wants to put a black man in jail.

That’s not his legacy.”

You know, I think we need to be careful about interpreting the NAACP as a racist organization,’ Brooks added.

Kennyers nomination to the court in January has been hailed as a landmark in the history of the Supreme Court.

He has been praised by some in the African American community as being the first African American justice to serve on the bench and as being a champion of the causes of civil rights.’

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s been an incredible day,’ former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said after Kennedy’s nomination.’

The African American leadership of the Senate, of the House, and of the Democratic party is truly thrilled.

Justice Kennedy will be an invaluable ally and friend of all of us,’ Sanders said.