Justice Center to Open New Office in Portland

Portland, Ore.

— The Justice Center of the Northwest announced Wednesday it will open its new Portland office, with a focus on addressing justice issues for the marginalized and people of color.

The center, located in Portland’s historic Pioneer Courthouse Square, is located in the heart of the city’s historic African-American neighborhood.

The center will serve as a hub for community and political engagement, and will help provide training and advocacy opportunities to individuals and groups who may be in need of support and resources in a critical time of crisis.

“The Justice Center’s mission is to serve and empower people to better serve the communities they call home, and we are committed to providing services that are responsive to the needs of marginalized communities,” said Justice Center Executive Director, Mary Kay Thomas.

“We are also committed to addressing the needs and voices of communities of color, and to fostering community and justice reform in our city.

The Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs is pleased to partner with the Justice Center in this effort to create a more equitable, just and secure world.””

The justice center will be a hub of community and economic development, with its focus on justice reform and racial justice,” said Thomas.

The new office will focus on improving access to justice for individuals of color and people with disabilities.

“We are excited to welcome the Justice and Housing Department to Portland, a place of deep racial and economic inequality,” said Councilwoman Carole E. Hochberg, a Black Portland resident and longtime member of the Black Alliance for Justice.

“Portland is known for its vibrant African American community, and I look forward to the justice center’s innovative efforts to empower our community and provide the critical services it needs.”

“We know the work the Justice Department is doing to address the housing crisis in Portland can be overwhelming, and it is important that we also help provide resources for the many marginalized and marginalized communities in our community,” said City Council Member Rebecca Kaplan, who represents Portland’s Eastside.

“The new office provides us the opportunity to create an environment that is welcoming to people of all races, genders and backgrounds, and gives us a critical place to engage with the local community.”

“I am proud to be a part of this community, as well as in the city of Portland, as the city is experiencing a historic wave of homelessness and displacement,” said Mayor Ted Wheeler.

“Our efforts to build a more inclusive, just, and equitable city are working, and the Justice center’s efforts to support people of Color will make a difference in our neighborhoods and in our lives.

I look ahead to continuing the work of the Justice Centers to support the communities we serve.””

This is an important and historic step forward in the fight to address homelessness and racial injustice in Portland, and my administration is pleased that we are making a significant contribution to its success,” said Portland Mayor Charlie Hales.

“Through the Justice centers, we will continue to build the resources needed to help address the needs that we see in Portland.”

The new offices will be located at 919 Washington St., Portland, OR 97232, and open to the public on January 31, 2019.

For more information on the Justice Centre, please visit www.justicecenter.org.