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Justice closing and nightwing youth justice backpack launches are back.

The Justice Backpacks brand, which sells jackets and caps and sports apparel, announced Friday that it has sold nearly 11 million Justice Back Packs worldwide.

The brand launched its newest line of Justice Backpack jackets in late March.

Justice Back packs feature an embroidered logo that includes the words “Justice” and “Citizens” on the front and back.

“The Justice backpacks are the product of a passion for youth and a commitment to building a stronger world,” said Brand Manager Scott De La Cruz.

“These jackets are designed to reflect the love and commitment we have for the people we represent.

We hope they inspire others to follow in our footsteps.”

The brand’s newest Justice Back Pack, which features a white hood, is available in men’s sizes and women’s sizes, with the logo on the back.

The jacket also includes a reflective white patch on the hood.

The jackets are available in all colors and sizes, including black and white.

They are available at Justice BackPack.com and Walmart.com.

The new Justice Back pack will be available in stores and online at JusticeBackpacks.com, Walmart.co.uk and Target.com beginning April 14, the brand said.