Justice League action trailer – Hall of Justice

The Justice League, which is based on the DC Comics comic book series Justice League Action, will premiere in theaters in 2019 and is expected to break box office records, according to Variety.

The movie will be directed by Zack Snyder, who also co-wrote the film.

The film will follow the DC universe in its most iconic moments as the Justice League fights a war that has changed the world, from the origins of the superhero team to the origins and eventual downfall of Superman.

The film is expected be an adaptation of the comics by Jeph Loeb and Mikel Janin, who will also serve as executive producers.

Loeb, who was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2013 for directing Justice League: Part One, is also a producer on the movie.

Justice League will debut at the box office in 2019, according a report by Deadline.