Justice League superman lawyer says she was ‘fooled’ into not filing lawsuit against her father

A lawyer for the wife of a superman accused of beating her father in a New York park says the couple has agreed to dismiss the case.

The lawyer for Justice League star Chris Evans, who is suing his ex-wife over the incident, tells ABC News she had a “fool’s errand” to do.

A judge had ordered the two to appear before a judge in New York City for a hearing on Monday, where the couple is expected to argue about custody and visitation rights.

“It was not a very good deal for the woman,” the lawyer, Jennifer W. Miller, told ABC News.

“I don’t know if it’s because they’re divorcing, but she wanted a divorce and the court didn’t see that as a good enough reason to give her custody.

She was a fool.”

The two met in New Jersey when Evans was still a teen-ager and were married in 1999, but their relationship soured after she began using drugs.

The two split in 2010.

In July, the New York Post reported that Evans had hired a private investigator to look into his ex’s whereabouts after he went missing on a camping trip in August.

He told the newspaper that she was “wearing her hair in a ponytail and was walking through a forest in the woods when she went out of control and was hitting her father with a wooden bat.”

The report said the victim suffered a fractured jaw, facial fractures, a broken rib and cuts to his neck and lower leg.

Evans has denied any wrongdoing and the woman has maintained her innocence.

Evans is represented by attorney Mark Geragos, who has represented celebrity clients including Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift.

He also represented his wife when she was charged with assault after the pair allegedly beat a woman in an altercation outside their New York home in 2013.