Mera Justice League premieres at WonderCon 2018

Mera, the newest member of the Justice League of America, has landed her first solo appearance in the Justice Store locations at Wondercon.

The retailer posted a photo of the upcoming series, featuring Mera and her new partner Wonder Woman, who will appear in her first live action appearance in two years.

Mera joins a long list of Wonder Woman solo series.

She’s the first female to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and her role as a supporting character in the upcoming Justice League movie is just the beginning of what’s to come for Mera.

Meru, a mermaid princess, has been a fixture of the comic book genre since 1992, when she was first introduced in The Mighty Thor #1.

The character’s origins are tied to the Norse mythology of Loki, but the origin of her superhero identity is a bit fuzzy.

Marvel Studios co-founder Kevin Feige told EW that Mera’s origins have “been a big part of the story of the character.

And now, she’s going to have her own story.

She has her own life and she has her story to tell.”

Mera first made her official debut in a Justice League #8 issue, where she was revealed to be the daughter of the god Odin.

In the book, Mera was a thief and a criminal, and she had a knack for manipulating men into betraying her.

“Mera, who has the ability to turn men into her enemies, can change them into her allies and even become their best friends,” writer Matt Kindt said of the young Mera in the book.

Meram has also appeared in several DC comics, most recently in the 2016 New 52 series, where Mera has teamed up with Green Lantern, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman.

In 2017, Meram was seen as a member of a group of young women who formed the Teen Titans, an all-female team that became a key part of DC’s new Rebirth initiative.

Mer Amor is currently in the midst of an epic journey through space and time, but she’s also seen in various versions of the DC Universe as a woman of many different genders, from one-time alien warlord Mariko to the superhero Batgirl.