The ‘Trump Effect’ is coming to America

Justice outfits have taken the spotlight in the US with the release of a new report on the “Trump Effect”.

The report, entitled ‘The Trump Effect’ and released by the US Campaign Legal Center (CLC), is part of a broader effort by advocacy groups to highlight the “dark underbelly” of the Trump administration.

The report details how the Trump Justice Department has been actively undermining the rights of people who have been arrested or detained under Trump’s executive order, and the number of civil rights cases that have been filed under the order.

“This report reveals how the administration is deliberately targeting innocent Americans who have not been charged with a crime and are still fighting for their right to live free of fear and intimidation,” said CLC President David Boies.

“The Trump Justice department has also deliberately targeted people of color and other vulnerable groups with policies that have the potential to harm them.”

It is outrageous that in an era of rampant racial injustice, the Trump Administration has targeted communities of color with policies and tactics that are so discriminatory and counterproductive that they will only embolden those who seek to undermine and destroy their communities.

“Today’s report shows just how out of control the Trump regime has become, and we will continue to fight for their rights under the law,” he added.

The CLC report comes just days after President Donald Trump signed an executive order to expand the use of military force in the Middle East and Africa.

It’s the latest effort by the Justice Department to target the legal rights of the American people.

The Justice Department announced last month that it had begun the process of reviewing the constitutional rights of Americans.

The Trump administration has repeatedly tried to use its executive power to bypass the courts and overrule the law by taking legal actions that are designed to weaken or undermine the authority of courts, according to CLC’s report.

This includes, for example, the president signing an executive orders that undermine the law on a number of fronts, including his executive order last week on the DACA program, which allows people to stay in the country as long as they are here legally, but not indefinitely.

In a separate example, Trump’s Department of Homeland Security ordered the detention of a number more people in the United States under the so-called “DACA program”, a temporary legal status that allows people who entered the country illegally as minors to stay and work legally.

The executive orders issued by Trump’s Justice Department have included the suspension of the law known as the Protecting America Act, which was passed by Congress in 2014 and was meant to protect people from being deported and prevent the illegal deportation of people in this country illegally.CLC’s Director of Justice Programs Jennifer Mascaro said the administration has “repeatedly tried to circumvent the rule of law and disregard the rule-of-law principles on which our nation was founded”.

“These executive orders are intended to undermine our nation’s law enforcement and immigration laws,” she added.

“And they will not succeed.

We will continue the fight to end the unconstitutional Trump Administration’s disregard for our country’s law, the rule and the Constitution.”

The Justice Departments Office of Legal Counsel and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division are responsible for the enforcement of federal laws and for overseeing the civil rights division.