The Truth About ‘The Justice Barrett Show’ is about to get a new host

The Justice Barrette Show is back for another season.

The show, which debuted in January, has gained a following in the U.S. and abroad, especially among young people who grew up watching the popular Netflix series.

The first episode featured a segment called “Justice” where the show’s co-hosts would talk about the stories of people who have been convicted of crimes.

On Monday, the show was honored with an award at the White House Correspondents Dinner for its representation of justice.

President Donald Trump hosted the event, and the event was streamed live.

The JusticeBarrettShow, which features guests including President Trump, will continue to air on Netflix.

“The Justice barrett show is an amazing tribute to the American people and the great job they’ve done in supporting us all to be able to pursue justice for all,” the White Houses executive producer said in a statement.

“This is a great honor for all of us at Netflix, and a great tribute to our incredible producers, writers and actors.”