The truth about the trial of Johnathan Cannon

Johnathan Shannon, the man who was charged with the murders of three women, has been released from prison after serving three years.

Shannon was released from a halfway house after serving nearly five years.

The 35-year-old, who was convicted in November of murder and attempted murder in the killings of his girlfriend, Brittany Carter, and a local business owner, is the first man to be released from state prison since Cannon’s trial ended in January.

In the video above, Shannon is shown being escorted out of the county jail and to a limousine.

In this video, he is seen walking toward the limousines.

His attorney, Andrew Siegel, says that Shannon has been in a halfway home since his release and is “going to be back in the community very soon.”

Shannon’s release is good news for Cannon’s family, who had hoped for a lengthy prison sentence for Shannon.

Cannon’s wife, Kristin, told NBC News that she was grateful to the authorities for keeping Shannon in custody while they await trial.

Shannon, a former member of the Black Lives Matter movement, was the subject of a state police investigation that resulted in the indictment of Shannon in February 2016.

Shannon had been charged with three counts of first-degree murder, one count of first degree murder, and two counts of attempted murder.

A federal investigation into Shannon’s case began shortly after his arrest, and the case has remained in limbo since then.

Shannon has maintained his innocence throughout his legal battle, arguing that his alleged crimes were committed by his ex-girlfriend, Brittany, and she was not involved in any of the killings.

Shannon and Brittany had a relationship dating back to the summer of 2015, but the two broke up in November 2016 after Shannon’s girlfriend discovered that she had engaged in sexual activity with Shannon.

Brittany, a mother of three, filed for divorce in January 2017.

Shannon claimed that he was only dating her because she was “totally in love” with him, and that they were both broke and homeless.

After Brittany filed for the divorce, Shannon and his ex filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Brittany.

A judge ruled that Brittany’s actions did not violate Shannon’s rights to due process or equal protection under the law.

Brittany was sentenced to 20 years in prison in March 2017 for the murders.

Shannon filed a $250 million wrongful-detention claim against Brittany in February 2017, claiming that she lied about the relationship.

Shannon claims that Brittany is an abusive, violent person who has caused him to suffer PTSD.

Shannon’s attorney, Siegel said that Shannon is currently undergoing treatment for PTSD and depression.

In a video posted by Shannon’s defense attorney, Kevin Zegers, Shannon thanked the media for their support, which has been a tremendous amount of support.

“I am grateful for the support from the media and everyone who has helped me during this time,” Shannon said.

“Now I am free to go and live the rest of my life with my family.”

Shannon is expected to have his day in court on June 2.