When the Mera Justice League comes for your guns

When the American Conservative published an article last month suggesting that the Meras Justice League is planning to target the Second Amendment, it was greeted with immediate backlash on social media.

The article, written by Matt Lauer of NBC News, claimed that the League was behind the attempted assassination of Republican Sen. Joe Manchin.

Lauer also suggested that the Justice League was working with an FBI agent named John Foye, who is also known by his alias of “The Mera Man,” to launch an assassination attempt against Manchin, the Democratic senator from West Virginia.

This led many on social justice and gun rights forums to call for a boycott of NBC.

“We cannot allow the network to use our content to promote a hate-filled and dangerous agenda, or even to cover a story that could be proven to be true,” the group said in a statement.

“Our goal is to bring attention to the truth, and to stand with the people of West Virginia and the people in their communities.”

A spokesperson for NBC, Andrea Riesling, confirmed the network is not planning to air the story.

“The article referenced in the article was written in early April.

The article was originally written for the online outlet the Meraz.org, which has since removed it,” Rieslings spokesperson told The Huffington Post.

In a subsequent statement to The Huffington View, Rieslinger said the article “was written for Meraz, a site that is no longer available to read.

We did not contact the writer for this story.”

“The article was not written by Mera, who has not worked for NBC since February.

Mera is a reporter who has been with NBC since December 2017.

Meras coverage is vetted by the Merak team.

Meraz does not work for NBC.

Meram’s work has been reviewed and approved by Meraz,” the statement continued.

“We will not broadcast the article to Mera.

It was written by the reporter who was working for NBC and not NBC.

We have been in touch with the reporter, and he is no long with NBC.”

As a result, Mera has no information to share with us about this story,” Riersling said.

The Meras are a vigilante group of law enforcement officers, who wear black masks and carry rifles on their belts and hip holsters, and have reportedly killed over 100 people in the last two years, including three journalists.

They often target protesters, including members of the Black Lives Matter movement, and often use violent tactics to quell them.

The group has been at the forefront of protests against police brutality in recent years.

In February, Meras announced plans to take out a man in West Virginia after he was shot in the chest.