Which justice is a ‘good judge’? A new poll finds Trump is the winner of the court

The Supreme Court has a new vacancy on the bench.

Trump is winning the popular vote by a whopping margin.

The Supreme’s next vote is set for January 6.

In this week’s Vice News: 1.

Who is a good judge?

A new survey finds Trump has the edge in the court’s next election.

A majority of Americans say Trump is a “good judge” who is “unwavering” in his commitment to upholding the Constitution.


Who should be the next justice?

In this Vice News special, we look at the three finalists for the court, and what they have in common: their voting records, their positions on the Supreme Court and their views on abortion and gun control.


Are the court nominees all white?

Yes, the justices are overwhelmingly white.

But the makeup of the Supreme is largely the result of the fact that the country has more whites than people of color.


Are they all conservative?

No, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The three most conservative justices on the court are Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch.


How will Trump and his allies fare in the next election?

Trump is currently leading the polls.

But a majority of people who watched the debate say Trump would win the popular election, with the two candidates in second place tied at 46 percent.

The most likely outcome: Trump would lose the election.


How can Americans stay informed about the court?

Vice News asked people if they had read any of the articles, op-eds or court rulings that have been published about the justices in the past month.

More than two-thirds of Americans have at least read one article or opinion that has been published.


How do you feel about the Supreme court?

A majority is more likely to say they have a favorable opinion of the justices than an unfavorable one.

Trump and the court would likely lose the court.


What does a good Supreme Court justice look like?

A number of the members of the Court have been criticized by conservatives.

In a poll released earlier this month, 54 percent of Americans said the court is not a “decisive body” and that the justices have too many members who are “too liberal or too conservative.”


Is there a Republican in the Supreme Senate?


The Republican senators are split evenly between the two major parties.

The seat of the next Supreme Court Justice is being vacated by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.


What is the current makeup of Congress?

Seventy-one percent of Republicans are members of Congress, while 37 percent are Democrats.


Is the current Supreme Court split 50-50?

The current Supreme court split is 52-48, meaning Democrats control the majority of seats on the Court.


Do you think Trump is more qualified to fill the Supreme Supreme Court vacancy?

A plurality of Americans think Trump will be more qualified than Justice Elena Kagan, who is a member of the Republican-led Senate.


Does the Supreme need to be redrawn?


Democrats and Republicans both agree the current justices have been too conservative, and that a new justice is needed to balance out the conservative court.


Are you more likely or less likely to vote for a Democrat in the 2018 midterm elections?

No one is more or less inclined to vote Democrat in midterm elections than they were in the 2020 election.


How does the court have changed in recent years?

The court has had a lot of turnover over the past few decades, and it’s hard to say what’s changed.

The current justices tend to be more conservative, but not all of them are.


What are some other factors that might influence voters’ opinions about the current court?

Some of the factors that could influence a voter’s opinion about the future of the courts include: the current occupant of the seat of justice; whether the current justice is an appointee or a judge; whether or not the current Justice has been involved in an abortion case or has a gun control stance; and whether or the current Justices is on the right side of the issues.


Are Democrats more likely than Republicans to vote to remove the Supreme in 2018?

Yes and no.

Democrats are more likely of voters who say they will vote for the incumbent than they are of those who say the incumbent is “less qualified” to serve on the United States Supreme Court.


Do Republican incumbents get enough votes to stay in office?

If a Democratic incumbent wins a Senate seat, Republicans win about 46 percent of the popular votes in the election, compared with 44 percent for Democrats.

But if a Republican wins a House seat, Democrats win about 48 percent of those votes, compared to 44 percent.


How is the Supreme changing?

There are several ways the court has changed over the years.

For example, the current era of Supreme Court Justices retiring and retiring was a time of great partisan division in the country. There were