Which of these female athletes has inspired you the most?

The NHL has been accused of ignoring women and failing to provide equal pay for equal work after a report revealed that female players earned just 1.8% of the salary of male players in the NHL last season.

It’s the lowest percentage of pay in the league’s history.

Justice Breyer has issued a scathing report on the NHL’s pay and the issue is expected to be one of the topics at the league meeting in Dallas this week.

The report found that male players are paid 77.9% of what female players earn and that female athletes receive more money than male players.

The disparity was even more pronounced for lower-skilled players.

For instance, female players made $3.9 million last season compared to the male players $5.3 million.

That difference was largely because women have less experience than men.

The issue has been highlighted by the league and its CEO, Gary Bettman, who have been fighting the pay gap for years.

The league has taken several steps to improve the pay ratio for women, including hiring a female chief operating officer, improving female athlete representation in player management and providing more gender-specific training.

But the issue continues to be debated and the league has been slow to act.

There are now more than 100 female players in NHL arenas.

The league was set to take action on Thursday when the NHL Players’ Association announced it had hired a new chief executive.

Bettman said the new chief, Bettina Stavrakakis, will continue to lead the league.

Bettman said Thursday the union is not asking for gender equity in the boardroom, which is a step in the right direction.

“This is not a matter of changing the board.

This is a matter that we need to get on board with,” he said.

“We’ve got to get this right.”

He also said the union will work to change the culture of the league by creating a more open and inclusive environment.

“We’re not going to sit back and watch as the culture is set by people who have an agenda and who don’t respect the process,” he told reporters.

“And the people who do respect the processes and the process, we’re going to work with.”